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A Reading  Journey Like No Other


“Reaches deep into the heart and soul of his readers!”

—BARRY KIBRICK, PBS "Between the Lines" host

“I had to strap myself into my chair!” 

—TAVIS SMILEY, broadcaster and author

“A brilliant work, a brilliant read!” 

—DEENA KASTOR, Olympic marathon medalist

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Seven Extraordinary Generations in One Magical Story

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The Butterfly Tree is about family ties that bind us across time—and the universal quest to rise to a higher purpose and then lift the next generation upon our shoulders. It is also about deep roots and strong branches, literally and figuratively, and about overcoming personal adversity before rising to help another, and in doing so a single “family” tree is grafted from three disparate—and multiracial—lineages, and made more majestic because of these unions.

Woody Woodburn

Author of

The Butterfly Tree

Have a favorite local shop? Bring this info, and they can order a copy for you.

Book  :  The Butterfly Tree

Author  :  Woody Woodburn

Publisher ‏ : ‎ BarkingBoxer Press
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3-9822801-8-9 

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