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THE SLUMMER: Quarters Till Death

In 2083, Benjamin Brandt is among the millions of “slummers” who are relegated to poverty and struggle on the outskirts of society. As a minority growing up in the gritty underbelly of Cleveland’s Industrial Valley, Ben sees the way genetically designed “elites” live only from a distance: from the shadows of public spaces people like him are forbidden to use, and on TV, where he watches the enhanced athletes compete at an extraordinary level. For years, a national track championship has inspired Ben to ferociously cultivate his own talent as a runner.

As Ben logs miles through the potholed, darkened streets of his community, an idea takes hold of him that could turn his highly stratified society upside down. He isn’t prepared to lead a revolution; however, he is prepared to run like a slummer with nothing to lose.

“This is the first running book I've read that I think,  wow  this is like peeking into my brain and my way of thinking.


Former US Record Holder - 10km (26:59.60)

Book Cover of the Slummer Quarters Till Death by Geoffrey Simpson a running sports novel
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The Tall Tale of Billy Ball


In this humorously poignant coming-of-age story, a star high school cross-country runner finds himself the subject of a humiliating life. Billy, entangled in a web of bureaucratic idiocy and in trouble with the law, enters into a quirky and tumultuous relationship with his attorney, and later with a saucy pink-haired co-worker, only to discover his empty pursuits mask his real struggles and the angst of growing up.


Percolating within him, he comes to realize the one true love of his life—his childhood best friend. He uncovers his athletic potential with her support, and the haunts of an ancestor who had a similar gift. Through his great grandfather’s story—one of unfinished business played out during the Great Depression—Billy is led back to race on the world’s grandest stage…Boston.

“I love this story and wish it for everybody.”


American Marathon Legend


THE THREE HARES: Bloodline (Book 1)

Ethan and his friends decode a series of cryptic riddles from an ancient treasure map. Their discovery entangles them in a centuries-old struggle between warring secret societies. 


It soon becomes clear that Ethan is not just an adventurous teen who accidentally stumbles upon a shadowy world. 


He is a catalyst… a spark which ignites the resurgence.

The Three Hares is a smart, twisty adventure mystery, one that will keep you reading until the remarkable end.

Very highly recommended for both school and community library collections.”


Book cover of the three hares bloodline by geoffrey simpson a childrens adventure mystery series book 1
Book cover of the three hares reynard's dream by geoffrey simpson a childrens adventure mystery series book 1

THE THREE HARES: Reynards Dream (Book 2)

Ezra Reynard returns with rage, reinforcements, and a dream. As the school year wraps up, an unexpected announcement echoes through the halls. Students are dismissed early, and a new school system is to be introduced after the summer. But first, they must take a test... one which will define their entire futures.

Winslow Falls is teetering on the brink of disaster, and their only hope is lurking within a three-hundred-year-old cypher.

“Page after page the tension builds, and the pace quickens as this author unleashes the forces of creativity on his target audience.”


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