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Geoffrey Simpson owner of barkingboxer press and author of the slummer quarters till death


One of the most inspiring things for an author is to hear back from their readers. All of us at BarkingBoxer Press would love to hear from you. 

Below you can find different methods to contact us, so if you have a question, want to share how our stories inspired you, or just want to say hi, don't hesitate. 

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Geoff Simpson

p.s. if you did love one of our books, take a moment and leave a rating or review on the seller's site. It is the best method for an author to gain traction in this busy marketplace.

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To contact us, please use the form, or send us an email directly. Any publishing related inquiries should be directed to Geoffrey Simpson. 

Geoffrey Simpson

 - Owner of BarkingBoxer Press

 - Author of The Slummer & The Three Hares

Jeffrey Recker

 - Author of the Humiliation Tour

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