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Now you can take THE SLUMMER on the road (or trail)!

5-Star Review ★★★★★ Brilliantly Written

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Now Available as an AUDIOBOOK, Paperback, and Ebook

The slummer designer babies are the norm, running novel
The slummer - Designer athletes are the stars - running novel
The Slummer- rBenjamin Brandt is nothing - running novel
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Amazon #1 Best Seller: Track & Field
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, & Australia
Over 200 Amazon ratings - 4.8 Stars

Over 7000 copies sold


“This is the first running book I've read that I think, wow this is like peeking into my brain and my way of thinking.

I will be reading it again and again.”


Former US Record Holder - 10km (26:59.60)

“Lace up for a powerful story of commitment, loss, aspiration and an unlikely challenger of systematic oppression.”


3x US Olympic Coach - Triathlon

“The Slummer's inspiring story pits the indomitable spirit of a runner against economic disparity and genetic engineering in a believable, dystopian tomorrow.”


“I couldn't help but lace up my shoes and go for a run.”


Geoffrey Simpson - author of The Slummer - a running novel

Dear Reader,

As an author and former competitive runner, The Slummer comes from deep within. A runner’s passion matched with an author’s craft. I feel that it is my calling to give back to the community which has provided for me throughout my lifetime… to give back in the form of fiction. 

Join the thousands of other readers and runners who have found a piece of themselves within these pages… Inspired… Motivated.   

Forever Running,

The Slummer - Book description - back cover

- What People Are Saying? -

“Not ashamed to say I cried through the last 3 chapters. Incredible!”

“This is a great running book. George Orwell meets John L. Parker Jr.”

“The best running fiction I’ve read since the infamous Once a Runner.”

“Hold on tight as it is quite the rollercoaster at the end.”

“As I neared the end I had to slow it down cause I didn't want the story to end.”

“I have placed it on my bookshelf next to Once A Runner. The highest praise for a running book.”

“I must say that I had a hard time keeping my eyes dry during many chapters of this book.”

“Great read. It inspires me to keep running & enjoy it to the max.”

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Coming Soon:

The Slummer Sequel (Fall 2022)

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