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The Slummer Goes Audible

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I have an exciting announcement regarding THE SLUMMER. After volumes of requests over the past year, TODAY is the official world-wide release of the AUDIOBOOK!!! It is available through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, narrated by the highly talented Andrew Tell.

Now you can bring Benjamin Brandt’s story on the roads, trails, or get your blood pumping while at home.

“This is the first running book I've read that I think, wow this is like peeking into my brain and my way of thinking. I will be reading it again and again.”


Former US Record Holder - 10km (26:59.60)

The Slummer audiobook by Geoffrey Simpson.  A running novel.

  • Over 200 Amazon Reviews - 4.8 Stars

  • Over 7000 Copies Sold

  • Self Published (and proud of it)

A word of caution - Just wear your HR monitor --- it will surely push your pace. 😊

The Slummer: Quarters Till Death

In 2083, Benjamin Brandt is among the millions of “slummers” who are relegated to poverty and struggle on the outskirts of society. As a minority growing up in the gritty underbelly of Cleveland’s Industrial Valley, Ben sees the way genetically designed “elites” live only from a distance: from the shadows of public spaces people like him are forbidden to use, and on TV, where he watches the enhanced athletes compete at an extraordinary level. For years, a national track championship has inspired Ben to ferociously cultivate his own talent as a runner.

As Ben logs miles through the potholed, darkened streets of his community, an idea takes hold of him that could turn his highly stratified society upside down. He isn’t prepared to lead a revolution; however, he is prepared to run like a slummer with nothing to lose.

What People Are Saying

“This book was so moving, so inspiring. It bought tears of joy, hope & sadness. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the heart of this book, the messages it leaves with you. Just brilliant.”

- Amazon Review

“This book was perfect, realistic, sad, happy & emotional.

Well written, a must read for all runners!”

- Amazon Review

“As a runner, this book has a great and obvious meaning to me. As a human, it has even more of a profound effect. Truly unforgettable!”

- Amazon Review

“Rich well developed characters. Beautiful story if you are a non runner. Adrenaline pumping, fire burning in your gut, ready to clock in some serious miles if you are a runner.”

- Amazon Review


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