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Welcome to BarkingBoxer Press


What is BarkingBoxer Press and where did it come from? In 2021, Geoffrey Simpson released his third novel, The Slummer: Quarters Till Death. With his hard earned experience from his first two titles being released through a small press, he decided to go head-on into the world of self-publishing. The deciding factor was to understand exactly what a big press had to offer, and learn how to do it exactly as they do.


So began the journey. Categorically learning about distribution, print houses, and sales channels. Cover design, interior design, eBook creation, and the works. Marketing, advertising, building networks, and finding endorsements. At every turn, the golden standard was professionalism.


One of the fundamentals was linked to a required early decision… to name a publishing imprint. From that moment, BarkingBoxer Press was born. It was designed from the first moment to be expandable into a full-blown publisher. Doors were left open for the possibility, if it were to be ever decided.


Years earlier, in his post college days, Geoff moved to and adventured around California with his dog, a boxer named Edgar. Being single at the time, they were inseparable hiking and camping throughout the Sierra’s together. Named after Edgar Allan Poe, Geoff’s favorite author, it became destined that Edgar was intertwined in the future of his own writings.  


As the Slummer became one of the best selling running novels in decades, other self-published running authors began sharing their experiences. A small community of authors began to form, discussing challenges and ideas. One day, in September 2022, a talented author who had a mutual friend with Geoff, contacted him looking for advice on his unreleased novel. In quick succession, the question became, can BarkingBoxer Press release his novel too?


Within three short months, the author was signed and BarkingBoxer Press became registered as an LLC. One thing which will never change is the obsession with professionalism. As the imprint grows into the world of Sports Fiction, and highly select titles become included, the reader will always be at the forefront of every decision.

BarkingBoxer Press publisher of running and sports books
Geoffrey Simpson is the owner of BarkingBoxer Press sports fiction

Photo Credit: Andreas Redekop

Geoffrey Simpson

Owner of BarkingBoxer Press

Author of The Slummer

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The Butterfly Tree

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The Humiliation Tour

The Slummer Quarters Till Death is a running book novel by Geoffrey Simpson

The Slummer

The Three Hares is a kids adventure mystery series book by Geoffrey Simpson

The Three Hares:


The Three Hares is a kids adventure mystery series book by Geoffrey Simpson

The Three Hares:

Reynard's Dream

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