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99¢ SALE - The Three Hares

Only through October 31st, THE THREE HARES: BLOODLINE is on sale for just 99¢. The sequel, REYNARD'S DREAM, is nearing completion and Book 3 is already underway. This fast-paced teen adventure/mystery series has generated some phenomenal reviews (See below). Join the adventure and follow Ethan, Jacob, and Liz as they attempt to topple the corrupt secret society, Red Fox, and save Winslow Falls.

“Very highly recommended for both school and community library collections.”

~~Midwest Book Review

​“It is easy to lose yourself in the story of The Three Hares: Bloodline.”

~~Readers' Favorite (5 Stars)

“You are in for a great adventure story that will keep you guessing what will happen next.”

~~Confessions of a Serial Reader (Blog)

​“I love this fun, exciting, amazing, surprising, twist filled book.”

~~Kid Book Reviewer (Blog)

​“Page after page the tension builds, and the pace quickens as this author unleashes the forces of creativity on his target audience.”

~~Tome Tender (Blog)

“Know a middle grade reader with a thirst for adventure? Then this is the book for them.”

~~Middle Grade Minded (Blog)

​“Honestly? When I started reading this book I was also in the middle of reading 4 kids books for an event at our bookstore. I went back and forth between books for a couple days but then something happened. I put the other books down and just read this one.”

~~Barb (Bookseller)

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