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Five Stars - Readers' Favorite

I am honored and excited that THE THREE HARES: BLOODLINE has been given another 5 star review.

Reviewed by Kim Anisi for Readers' Favorite

Ethan and his friend enjoy making up their own mysteries and adventures at the beginning of the young adult novel The Three Hares: Bloodline by Geoffrey Simpson. Little did they know that they would soon be involved in a very real adventure that puts their lives - and the lives of others - at risk. One day, Ethan finds a mysterious map under a board in his family's attic. The boys love riddles, but the map is on a different level than what they are used to. But, with a little help from a source I will not mention here, they get closer to the answer. Ethan and his friend welcome a third member, a girl, into their group of adventurers, and she proves to be rather useful, too. None of them is prepared, however, when they find what the map is leading to. There is more to Ethan's family than he ever imagined, and the fate of the little town they all live in is soon in his hands.

It is easy to lose yourself in the story of The Three Hares: Bloodline by Geoffrey Simpson. The writing style draws you in, and the characters soon turn into your own friends - even if you don't fall into the young adult reader category any longer. It's an exciting plot, and it deals with some issues of the real world, too, e.g. the cutting down of forests for financial gain and the corrupt nature of politicians and business leaders. Homeless people, and even people from a psychiatric ward are taken advantage off, and the public turns a blind eye because the powerful people are so good at hiding everything behind a promising mask. But, as the story shows, when the mask comes off, you get to see the ugly truth. Ethan and his friends have to take on an immense challenge. Ethan especially has to find a way to grow into his new responsibilities, and I enjoyed reading about how he attempts to do so. It is a lovely read - and the end indicates that more will follow.

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