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The Storm is Coming!

Ezra Reynard has chosen a path toward domination. A path of destruction. The only defense for Winslow Falls is a few kids, a centuries-old secret society, and the will to stand up against this powerful and ruthless enemy of the people.

Today, The Three Hares: Reynard’s Dream (book 2) is released, and the heart-pounding adventure continues.

Ethan, Jacob, and Liz are back in this explosive follow-up to The Three Hares: Bloodline, which was described as

“A smart, twisty adventure mystery that will keep young readers simply spellbound until the remarkably unpredictable conclusion”

by Midwest Book Review.

Ezra Reynard returns with rage, reinforcements, and a dream. As the school year wraps up, an unexpected announcement echoes through the halls. Students are dismissed early, and a new school system is to be introduced after the summer. But first, they must take a test… one which will define their entire futures.

Winslow Falls is teetering on the brink of disaster, and their only hope is lurking within a three-hundred-year-old cypher.

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