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The Three Hares is an adventure story filled with secret societies, puzzles, and mystery. Voracious and reluctant readers alike have been electrified by the story. But behind the curtains of this fast paced adventure series, there are vast learning opportunities. 

It would be a pleasure to work with you to help build lesson plans based upon the series. Some areas to explore are the following. 

The Three Hares Symbol: 

Despite being a story of fiction, the ancient symbol of the Three Hares is absolutely real, and equally mysterious. The symbol stretches across time with its earliest known usage dating back to the Sui Dynasty from the 6th to 7th centuries.


It can be found in China, Turkmenistan, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Germany, France, and England.

The motif has been noted as having Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish, and non-religious context, 

Today, this symbol holds the identity of multiple cities, and brings tourists to study its simple yet profound purpose.  THREE HARES, TWO EARS EACH, AND A TOTAL OF THREE EARS. Both triangular and circular geometry guides the eye into an indefinite spin.

Aesop's Fables: 

Layered within each book is a reference to an ancient Aesop's Fable. The dark villain, Ezra Reynard, is nothing short of this connection. Referenced within THE THREE HARES: BLOODLINE is the fable, THE FOX &THE CROW. Can you find the subtle reference mentioned by Mayor Hoffner?

Follow this link to the Library of Congress to read The Fox & the Crow

The Arts: 

There are several subtle references to the arts from which the student can investigate. One example is the following.

The town of Winslow Falls has a double meaning. On one hand, it is a foreshadow of the city's imminent downfall by the Red Fox, and on the other, Winslow is a reference to the American painter Winslow Homer, who painted the THE FOX HUNT, and his work in general has been referred to as an "Integrity of Nature." 

Maps / Puzzles / Riddles: 

From the earliest concepts of The Three Hares, the theme of puzzles and maps were planned to be a central part of the series. Students have found that recreating scenes, or using their inspiration to create their own riddles and maps, has proven to be a fun experience. 

You can find pictures and board games created by students within the FORUM.​


The story of The Three Hares takes place in the 1990s, but the history of the secret society weighs heavy in the clues. In Bloodline, the story pulls us back to New England during the late 1600s. The sequel, Reynard's Dream, dives into the Revolutionary War area. ​

Using accurate historical facts, students can use these fascinating periods to study the cultural influences of the time.

Each book in the series will highlight a significant fictional character from a different era.


If I were to summarize The Three Hares into a single word, I would proudly blurt out COURAGE. 

Physical Courage is bravery in the face of physical pain, hardship, death or threat of death.

Moral Courage is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shamescandal, discouragement, or personal loss.

Although the aspect of physical courage is certainly embedded within the book series, it is moral courage which I wish to highlight. In the modern world, we are so often pulled in many directions by opinions streaming through social media, politicians, and our peers. Without moral courage, Ethan Drake and Winslow Falls would have certainly failed. Without moral courage, it is entirely possible that we may fail. ​

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